Danyang NQ Sports and Fitness Co., Ltd. focus on producing professional latex products and fitness products. With more than 10years production experience in our industry. Our main products including latex resistance loop band and yoga band, latex tubing expander etc. We can do customerized products according to request. MISSIONWe pay high attention to product quality and “Quality is life of our factory”. Put the excellent pre-market, mid & after sale service as an engine of revenue growth, Offer profitability and competitive advantange for customers…


We are always grow with customers together. VISION To be the recognized leader in yoga and fitness products manufacturer and exporter in future 3-5 years. We achieve this by empowering employees to be the best they can be and inspiring effectively high-performing teams. VALUESProduct quality firstCustomers first Considerate Service Team work Passion for Excellence Commitment to Community.




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  • How to use yoga pillow

    Support simple sitting Although this pose is called simple sitting, it is not easy for many people with stiff bodies. If you do it for a long time, it will be very tiring, so use a pillow! how to use: -Sit on a pillow with your legs crossed naturally. -The knees are on the ground, the pelvis is ...

  • How to use TRX training belt? What muscles can you exercise? Its use is beyond your imagination

    We often see a suspended elastic band in the gym. This is the trx mentioned in our title, but not many people know how to use this elastic band for training. In fact, it has many functions. Let’s analyze a few in detail. 1.TRX push chest First prepare the posture. We make the whole body in ...

  • What’s the choice for dumbbells, you will understand after reading this article

    Dumbbells, as the most well-known fitness equipment, play an important role in shaping, losing weight, and gaining muscle. It is not restricted by the venue, easy to use, regardless of the crowd, can sculpt every muscle in the body, and become the first choice for most bodybuilders. There are a v...

  • What is the difference between working out at home and in the gym?

    Nowadays, people generally have two options for fitness. One is to go to the gym to exercise, and the other is to practice at home. In fact, these two fitness methods have their own advantages, and many people are arguing about the fitness effects of the two. So do you think there is any differen...

  • Do you know what different experience yoga can bring you?

    Have you ever felt separated and separated from your body and mind? This is a very normal feeling, especially if you feel insecure, out of control, or isolated, and the past year really didn’t help. I really want to appear in my own mind and feel the connection with my body again. After he...

  • Which is better , latex resistance band or tpe resistance band ?

    1. The characteristics of TPE resistance band TPE material has good resilience and tensile strength, and it feels comfortable and smooth. It is directly extruded and formed by an extruder, and the processing is simple and convenient. TPE has relatively poor oil resistance. TPE burns with a faint ...

  • What are the effects of hula hoop in promoting weight loss?

    The hula hoop is not only convenient for exercise, but also exercises the strength of the waist and abdomen, can achieve the effect of weight loss very well, and is deeply loved by the majority of female friends. The following will focus on the promotion of hula hoop for weight loss. The role of...

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